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How to Select a Lawn Care Company

At Schroeder's Lawn & Garden our team has been serving the local Lenawee County area mowing and maintaining lawns & landscapes for 2 years, in this short amount of time we are honing in on becoming a good company from both a customer stand point.  See below for the top considerations when selecting a company to mow your lawn.

-How long has the company been in business?

Although it can be great to help companies get a start in their first or second year it is best to go with a company that has been through many trials.  A company that has been in business longer is more likely to stay in business.  Schroeder's Lawn & Garden is a young company owned and operated by a well trained and highly skilled craftsman in the outdoor industry.  Kyle Schroeder has worked for multiple Lawn Care & Landscape companies both big and small.  Without a doubt we have made a few mistakes in our first couple years, but we understand its all part of a process and continuing to push forward towards improvement is never ending!

-How far away is the company headquarters from my property?

A company that is physically closer to your property will have lower costs to deliver the same product, will spend less in time and gas to serve your property, and will be able to respond to requests faster than more spread out companies. Schroeder's Lawn & Garden's mowing crew serves all...

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